You will need to take a couple of things into consideration when deciding on the size of your dog kennel and run or when looking at dog runs for sale.

A kennel that is too small, especially if your dog is going to spend a fair amount of time in it, makes for an unhappy, anxious dog. They tend to look at being locked up in a too small kennel as being punished.

If your dog will be spending a considerable amount of time in their outdoor dog kennel, it is highly recommended that you make your outdoor dog kennels larger than the minimum size, and provide a decent sized run as well. Dogs penned up in a small space become bored. Tired dogs bark a lot, and exhibit other unwanted behavior. Dog kennels with runs are best for dogs that spend much time outdoors in their kennel. Dogs also need an enclosure large and deep enough that they are sheltered from rain and the sun alike. Make sure too that the kennel flooring is comfortable, as uncomfortable or missing dog kennel flooring also makes for an unhappy dog. In short, the size of your dog and kennel should determine how large your kernel should be.

Smaller kennels are excellent for your smaller to medium sized dogs like the Shiba Inu or the Corgi for example, especially if they are only used upon occasion, while you are at work, or away from the house for a time. Even so, the dog's kennel still needs to be large enough for your small dog to lie down comfortably and to stand up in.

Quite a typical height for dog kennel runs for a smaller dog is four feet high. Bigger breeds will need a kennel run six feet high. It is unlikely that even the larger breeds could jump out of a six-foot dog kennel run and likewise predators would not be able to get into the kennel.

Think ahead when purchasing or making a dog kennel and run.
That cute little puppy is going to grow into a much bigger dog. If you’re going to the trouble of investing in an outdoor kennel and run you should plan ahead and either purchase or build it large enough to house your full grown dog. One idea, if you are using it with a younger pup, is to divide the kennel in half. That way the puppy will not soil the inside of the kennel but will remember to go outside the kennel to do it is a business. If you are looking to save costs, you may want to buy the kennel and look up how to build a dog run yourself. If you are relatively good with handyman tasks, you may find that learning how to build a dog kennel as well as a run will save you money in the long-term. Check out crates at

Remember too, a kennel and run is just part of what is needed for your new puppy. Make sure that your dogs wear their pet ID tags, and that they have plenty of toys to play with, and the right sized water and food bowls. Taking care of all of their needs will ensure you have happy, well-adjusted pets.

If you live in an area where your dog spends much time outdoors and it gets very cold during winter, you will need to take into consideration insulating your dog kennel when it comes to buying dog kennels and runs. If you buy dog kennels, run you can also look into adding your insulation.

Likewise, dog kennel flooring is also crucial to keep in mind when researching ideas on how to build a dog kennel.